The team behind Focus


Our vision is to:

By putting data at your fingertips in a clear, streamlined way, we help like-minded marketers go beyond just achieving growth. We enable teams to show and demonstrate their plans, work to date and results in a way that is effective and empowering to the individual and organisation. 



Our pledge-

We respect your privacy 

It’s with the highest appreciation of privacy that we handle and process your data. 

We sincerely value the privilege and trust that comes from you sharing your data with us, and we don’t take it lightly. All of us at Focus believe meaningful tracking and data processing should always be opt-in — always on your terms. 

We aim to put complete power in the user’s control, in regards to what and how we track your experience with Focus. And, if you’re willing, we greatly appreciate when users allow us to observe their usage of the product, as it does allow us to learn and improve the experience. 

For the legal version, head over to our privacy policy.



We’re here to solve a problem

We’re 100% self funded. We’re committed to building the product that you and other marketers asked for in our research phase, and we want to remain nothing but problem-focused. Once we feel we’ve solved the problem effectively by adding value to teams, then (and only then) will we talk about monetisation. And don’t worry — we will forever offer a free plan. 



We grow a community 

We’ve walked in the shoes of our users, but we also understand and highly value the need to stay in touch, work alongside you, and solve problems together. Whether it be directly or indirectly related to our product at Focus, having an open and empathetic relationship with our community is something we’re excited to foster and maintain. 

We will gate nothing unless it’s completely necessary. We will give away as much value as we possibly can to enable our partners and customers to do their best work. 



We do our bit for the Earth 

Finally, we acknowledge the need to do our bit for the planet. It’s not okay to take without consideration of how we can give back. So, we’ll be donating 2% of all profits to charities doing great work. This is not a campaign, nor a gimmick — this is our long term commitment to future generations. We will work with businesses and partners who are like-minded in their approach to preserving this amazing planet. 

The team at Focus

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